When I’m penning down this article, many of you might be writing your entrance exams or preparing for the same. Yes, some of the entrance exams are not over. Entrance exams like AJEE, SUAT are yet to be conducted.

The students who have finished their entrance tests are not yet relieved of tension. After the declaration of results, parents and students become more anxious waiting for the announcement of the seat matrix and then comes the counselling phase. For those who are not familiar with the terms, seat matrix gives the information about distribution of seats in each branch of a particular course with respect to the caste categories. During counselling, you have to submit the required documents that are essential for securing a seat in the college of your state.

Personal Experience

During 12th grade, you feel like a bean soaked in a pressure cooker. You are desperately waiting for the whistle to blow, so that you can relieve yourself from the cooker. But, if you perform well under pressure, your hard work, late night studies, rushing-to-coaching classes may actually turn into a delicious dish that you will relish for years to come.

I had committed the three mistakes of my life i.e 1) Selected the wrong college 2) Chose the wrong combination and 3) Didn’t make time for reading and writing.  Personally, I hated the 12th grade, not owing to the studies, but because I had met majority of the temporary people in my life.  I found myself trapped in the fine line between that of a nerd and a dunce. I was also the subject of jokes mainly due to my stammering problem. The most challenging part was to study in such an environment. All these situations changed me as a person. I somehow managed to swim against the dangerous currents and reach the shore.

At present, I’m pursuing my engineering studies and at the same time devoting fixed time for writing.  So far, I have done well compared to the 12th. I have been relieved of the people who had troubled me in the past. I might have forgotten majority of the concepts of the +2 phase but not the lessons it had taught me.

The Don’ts

When you are preparing for boards/entrance exams, stay away from chugli neighborhood mausis, relatives who suddenly make time to call you and turn a deaf ear to the repeated rants of your lecturers. There also may be fake messages circulated on WhatsApp of a possible paper leak; let me tell you – just ignore them. People around you will intimidate you by speculating the possibility of a question appearing in the exam. Don’t pay heed to such small talk, take a deep breath and do your own thing.

While writing your exams, don’t spend too much time pondering over answers. Attempt the direct questions first and then move on to the difficult ones. What happens is, if you are unsuccessful in solving a question during the first half of the exam, you feel low on confidence while attempting the rest of the paper.

The Silver Lining

Kudos to the students who have passed their entrance tests and board exams with flying colours. You guys can be role models to your juniors. If you have not fared well in all your exams, it’s not the end of the world. Remember, marks are just numbers and not a way of rating you. If you cannot stand out in the crowd, mingle with a different one. In the roller coaster ride of +2, don’t lose yourself.

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