The destiny I crafted

As I can recall, it had started pouring heavily and the clock was showing 3:30am. From the time of my birth until this hour, my life was planned by her family and the so called society. However, from the next hour, tables are going to turn around. I am going to carve my own path, I said these words loud and clear looking at the family picture kept at my bedside. And the phone rang.

Oh no! I forgot to reduce the volume of the cordless in my room and I could not afford to wake anyone up. It was almost like my personal phone.I ran towards my favorite brown rocking chair and grabbed it. It has to be Satyajit.

Satyajit: Abha, come out quickly, will you? I am waiting outside the new Chopra bakers. We don’t have much time on us.

Me: I’ll be with you in less than five minutes. I just have to pick the most important thing from the garage.

I was in Satyajit’ brown ambassador within the next seven minutes. What took you so long Abha, asked Satyajit. I said, I had to make a quiet entry to the old garage to pick up my ghoongroos. You know how much I love them even though everyone has always despised me for having them. Since, I am not going to live on their terms anymore; I decided to bring everything that belongs to me, even my memories. I picked up the black backpack from my lap, kept it at the backseat and took a deep relaxing breath. I closed my eyes to provide some cool to the hush hush going on inside me thinking about what I have done. To my surprise, certain uninvited thoughts hit my mind hard. It all came as a flashback filled with nothing but darkness. How I was not allowed to go to a college as soon as I topped first year. How the son of the MLA named Ratan, from our area abducted me and spread the rumors of me running with him. How I was forced by my family to marry the coward as they were afraid of the consequences. How he used to rape me every night even when I used to be on my periods. How I got pregnant and faced a miscarriage because of the everyday marital rape I suffered. How I was forced to commit suicide but after a failed attempt, sent back to my own house. How I was forced to sign the divorce papers with a gun pointing my temple. I started trembling in my sleep.

Satyajit shook my hand as he saw tears rolling down my cheeks. He brought me back from the blue memories where my mind just traveled. He started speaking” Abha, everything will be alright now, I have come back. I regret why I even agreed to go to the states leaving you behind. However, I had not imagined even in my wildest thoughts that your life will be ruined. I still remember the fresher’s day of our college where I saw you for the first time and fell for you. I had come to rag you and your friends but got trapped in love because of your innocent blue eyes. Never mind, you are braver than the brave. Just know that I will never leave your side now.”

He still looked the same, the handsome tall guy I had fallen in love with. It had been three years but his love did not decrease for me. I was thankful to god that I happened to bump into him at the colony gate and without wasting any more time, uttered everything. It took us one week to make arrangements for me to flee away from this garbage. We decided to live together. He took a house on rent at a place which was far away from the place I never belonged to. It was a small yet a beautiful house with a lawn. I was shocked to see that he has converted one of the rooms to a room where I could practice my favorite, classical dance. He had put pictures of me with my ghoongroos almost everywhere in that room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was all too good to be true. However, I trusted him and loved him.

We married after a month on my birthday. It’s been twenty five years together with Satyajit and I turn 47 today. Today when my children and Satyajit gave me a lovely birthday surprise, I thought to myself, fairy tales do exist. You never know what is in store for you. Destiny has a major role to play in our lives but sometimes, you have to design your own.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”  Shakespeare    











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