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Tharki is an interesting title. What’s the book about?

Tharki is the novel that does not fall into a specific genre. It’s a complicated story, something that cannot be termed as a love story and is neither a revenge drama, yet those are some of the major elements of the book. It throws light on the darker side of love that has got all new meaning in the 21st Century. I would also like to inform that it will not be a delightful experience to read the book if you believe in true love, because even if it is fiction, I have tried to keep it as real as possible.

Why a title like Tharki? Is it a story of a womanizer?

Well. Why the novel is titled “Tharki” is something you will only know when the second part of the trilogy releases in 2018. What I can tell you now is that the protagonist is not at all a Tharki (womanizer) in the book, not in the first part at least.

The cover of your novel is brilliant. Who made it?

It is a joint effort of my team at Legendary Books India and the very talented designer and my close friend Amol Karambe. I had a concept in mind and I instructed my team to design something similar. And it was Amol who took that concept to a very different level of creativity and professionalism and gave an extremely attractive and clean final cover.

Tell us something about yourself.

My life has been a roller coaster ride. Professionally, I started as a waiter in Mumbai. Then I wrote a book that did not do well. Later, I started a book marketing firm and publishing unit named Author’s Empire, which, after a dream run failed terribly. After the failure of Author’s Empire, I literally had no bank balance, had a big debt that I am still paying, and many new projects that I tried to begin could not even take the first flight. It had been a pathetic period, but it taught me a lot.

You will read more about it in the second part of Tharki Trilogy.

It means Tharki is based on your life?

No comments!

Haha. Alright. Tell us something about the promotions of the book. Tharki is making a lot of buzz. What’s the strategy?

To begin with, I sold my car and took a huge loan for Tharki. Even after a huge debt due to the failure of Author’s Empire, I took a big risk and now everything is at stake. Being a book publicist, I know the importance of book marketing to make a book successful, and thus, I have planned a heavy promotion campaign for the book.

Our focus is on strong content marketing via social media. We will soon shoot an interesting book trailer and my team is making catchy and witty content every day. Generating as many as possible genuine Amazon reviews is another part of our campaign.

Anything you wish to tell to the readers of Pustak Mandi?

Please read Tharki. I am sure you would have never read a story like that.

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