Review of “Teenage diaries” by Saurabh Sharma



Teenage diaries is a book much like a roller coaster ride, providing you an enjoyable ride full of all emotions ranging from humor to sorrow on a track of romance and friendship.

The story begins with the childhood incidents of the protagonist, unfortunately named as Ghanshyam. Paired up with the most trusted best friend named Vikram, they both share a great chemistry between them. The story revolves around these two besties, their crushes, other life long friends and hated enemies. Ghanshyam was a boy who was attracted to the fairer sex since childhood, and had LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with his classmate Aneya. Besides her, he met many other girls in his teenage who were inevitable site of attraction. He, along with Vikram, Sandy and Armaan enjoyed his school days and their friendship. Together they played many sort of tricks and did experiments with their lives. But then it was the turn of latter, and life started playing with them. Aneya suddenly started hating Ghanshyam and he received no explanation for that. He was not totally over this, when another incident happens which changes the lives of all the friends.

What happened between Aneya and Ghanshyam? What happened which made lives of all go topsy turvy? Did any miracle happen with Ghanshyam to get back his Aneya? Curious to get the answers? Get this fun packed book which is worth your read.

It would be better to call this book a LIFE ACCOUNT of a teenager than just a mere novel. While reading this you may get a feel that it’s just your story. Author Saurabh Sharma has creditably penned down this story, and has a perfect knowledge of how to make the reader stick to the book and take him through the emotional ride. He makes you laugh at initial stage but at the end, you can’t stop your tears to burst out. Get this book and re-live your teenage days.


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