Perspiring heavily, legs quivering and body jittering with tremors of anguish rushing with the blood reaching his head. Mark was irrefutable with the thought that even this time he is going to face dejection in the interview. He waddled like a duck and succeeded in leaving an inadequate impression on the panel of interviewers.

Mark being an average person in academics, sports, social life had a tendency to breakdown or lose confidence at major moments of his life. We all have been Mark at some point. Eventually, he had to encounter desolation as an outcome of his deficient confidence. More than that he already had his eyes fixed on the negative.

A simple saying that we are an outcome of our thoughts cannot suffice the notion that our mind is constantly shaping our reality.

The former states that whatever happens to us is a consequence of our repetition of similar array of thoughts.
The latter wanders around the possibility that even a negative mindset at times, can trigger desired outcomes. One might find this statement quite debatable but sometimes we need a negative perspective to find enough motivation so as to yield healthy decision and fruitful results.

In Mark’s scenario, he had to face what he feared the most. Had he used the same anxiety and fright to work on his shortcomings, he wouldn’t only have saved himself from embarrassment infront of the panel but also would have stood out as an self-assured, nonchalant person. It all comes down to how we channelize our terrors and insecurities.

The secret book, captures the idea that what we think becomes more of what we will have in the approaching time. It also popularizes the concept that we can have what we desire by keeping an optimistic outlook on things, people, events surrounding us. What you believe influences your action, your behaviour.

However, perceptions can be decisive.
What you might be perceiving or sensing might not be the reality at all…Well, that leaves a big room for doubt and in that case, the ever expanding universe might not actually be what it seems to us.

Another very intriguing theory I came across while researching, which said what if aliens land on our planet and they have some different viewing sense and what if they perceive us as a mere atoms or molecule. They might experience a totally different universe than the physical universe we have around us.

All this leaves me with an impression that maybe it’s a reality we are constructing out of our senses, vision, hearing, language. Maybe there’s a lot to be explored.
Maybe we are running in circles and maybe it’s time to sprint through the circle into the tangent.

A creative writer, artist, poet and an amicable person who believes life is all about discovering yourself. πŸ™‚



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