Melancholy of Lost Love


When I first saw you,

I thought you were God’s best creation.

When you passed by the lane,

You were like the white dandelion

gliding in the wind,

Tender, yet, strong.

When the whiff of your hair touched my face,

Your hair felt like peacocks feathers

Which warded off all evils around me.

Your voice, like a conch,

Was Loud,yet,soothing.

Your eyes had someone else’s reflection

Never had and never will dare to look at you in the eye.

You are not a part of my life,

But it is as if you have become the journey.


When I die, fire may engulf my body

But the flame of love has already ignited my body

By you, being the oil, my love.




Creative writer, poet, blogger. For me, reading is happiness and writing is therapy.


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