Creepy mysterious journey.
Unfolding the secrets everyday.

Someday worsen situations
embarrassing tightly.
whereas some days awaiting
for extra pleasurable moments.

Certain morning welcoming
with huge smile.
whereas sometime lost mind
in the beginning of the day.

Mystery of life, we keep running,
Chasing after treasure.
The treasure, that maybe
not our destination, off course.

Need intentions all in all.
The intention to live,
To running after it.
Intentions that needs to be accomplished.

Realization after reaching to destination,
It maybe not final destination.
But the intention changes actually.
Changes throughout the journey.

How boredom would our life without intentions.
So as pursuing is necessary.
In fact necessity to live.

Encountering ourselves out of the track.
Suddenly mood dimmed down.
But discovering it on the right track,
Became more vigorous to go on.

That’s our life.
The mood keep swinging every day.
That’s for our intentions too.
Although it’s mandatory indeed,
To live it up.

IT engineer by profession, bookworm by passion, poet by chance and aspiring writer too.
other hobbies are sketching, surfing – just being as creative


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