It’s Good to be a Mediocre


“The bow too tensely strung is easily broken”

Exam results are already out and a mixed set of emotions are running across the students. Some might have come out with flying colours while, some would be disheartened. Today, we have brought an inspiring story of a bestselling author Ajay Pandey. He is the author of You are the best wife and Her last wish. 

“When I was in class 10th, all my holidays, extra curricular activities and fun were engulfed on the name of board examination. I abandoned my hobbies. I deprived myself from everything which once were a source of happiness for me. Be it a friend’s birthday party or a family get together, I was no more a part of them. I was always piled up with the studies and tutions, even during my vacations.

And thanks to the relatives, who accepted my absence in every get together very gracefully. As if, this was the only right thing I’m supposed to do.

Nevertheless, all this came to an end and results were finally out. I scored 68% marks.
My parents were devastated, it was hard for them to believe that how a studious child secured only 68% marks. We all compare marks, relatively, and more than 20% of my classmates scored more than me.

A year passed by, I assembled all my courage to appear for 12th board examination. All the hustle and bustle repeated, but I slipped a little more and scored only 66% marks.

After these two unsuccessful attempt, I accepted myself as a mediocre. Once you accept your aptitude, you don’t have a pressure to stand out. You will be relieved from achieving the targets, you don’t have interest in. You will not compare yourself with the toppers and trust me, there is nothing wrong in it. Eveybody has different potentials. You are only supposed to be you.
The time you realize your worth, you will be more happy, you will have more time for yourself and for the things you love to do.

Only difference between a mediocre and a achiever is two questions per papers. And many students spend complete year to attain marks for those two additional questions. Its good to answer everything , but if you couldn’t, it will not decide your intelligence.

Today, after 8 years of working, my marks doesn’t matter to me anymore. They stand no where in my life but, the memories I have created with my friends being a mediocre do. When I look back, I have nothing to frown upon. The real lesson I’ve learned in life is, answering two more questions in examination can certainly give you more marks but it doesn’t make you intelligent. Don’t make your marks a source of your happiness.
Be happy in what you’ve, 99% of the people are mediocre. Be more creative, have more friends, have more life. Sometimes, it’s good to be a mediocre.”

Here you can find his books.

Her Last Wish:

You are the Best Wife:


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  1. Yes! There’s life beyond exams. AND life is beautiful. It’s the desire to walk that creates path ahead. A beautiful life however doesn’t happen. It’s built by prayer, humility, sacrifices little and big, and of course hard work.
    There’s absolutely no need to try to follow the rhythm set by others because trying to keep pace with others walking faster than you would soon be straining the tendons in your feet.
    Be mediocre but BE ALIVE.
    Maya Khandelwal


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