If you are a **health fanatic** and gymnasium hitter.its no fun!!
Its the call of an hour..
The world where in we live is;
Our body is designed in such a manner to b healthy n accept the daily challenges of life.
Otherwise r going t get extinct like dinosaurs. .long time back
Our body is designed n fashioned in a manner that we have t B d “FITTEST” Darwin s theory

  • *Diabeties*
  • *Cancer*
  • *Heart Ailments*
  • *Insomnia*
  • *Convulsions*
  • *Stress*
  • *speech problems*
  • *Bones getting fragile*

Etc are borne because of our bodies not adapting the current lifestyle.
We r running running n running with no full stops n comma.
The choloro fluro carbon CFC’c that gets released by extensive use of AC n refrigeration. .only develops a vicious circle.
God gave us things on
 **Free♥♥ Basis.**
The early *Morning fresh Air* ,
The early morning Sunlight, heals US.THE calcium n D3 we get from Sun is unlimited wth no sachets !!
The **meditations** in morning or night ,cures our stressfull ways.
It makes us feel contended hence increases our positive productivity.
The drinking water from
*earthen glasses* n using “tamba” copper helps releases toxins frm kidney.
Drinking water only ,cures millions of diseases. ..and thats fr free.
Walking on carpet of grass , watching greenery aids our *eyesight*..what a natural cure.
Sitting n using remote fr Tv ,Ac
Xbox hv only restricted our movements..that kills our daily motion n hence an increase in cholesterol Levels.
Using trains cars rather walking….
Using Lifts rather climbing stairs
Using washingmachine rather hands
Using blender rather Sil…
Hv only devastated d situation…
Living in **nuclear family** increases more stress rather happiness.the want of more n more are making our life pathetic n lecherous! !!!
**Night** is meant t take a sound sleep, when d sun sets in and moon lights …..d night!! It’s God’s way alarming us that our body needs t stop functioning like machine n should stop behaving so…n be on bed.
Late sleeper & late riser benefits nothing but only bad hopeless health.
Hooked on to internet n #social media…
sum relationship are meant t b addressed only once or twice a month.why every hour??? Every minute???
Technology is for the Man
Man is not designed n invented fr technologies.
If technology aren’t making ur life hassle free..doing more of harm n less of gain
Its high tym thinking t discarding technologies.
The fast food eating genere has less of health n more of cholestrols.
There no concept of “Fast” in Food.Why so..when we eat food we shd sit with relax mood pray n thank God , the age old vedic n islamic culture taught us..cz while relaxing our body secretes enzyme that aids in digestion.
Eating raw foods help us absorb more of natural vitamin n minerals loaded in it. N one more important info
Taking a nap after eating ur brain sends signal t motor nerves that its done n satisfied by d food n urges d body t sleep so that it cn mk most of d fuel for d body.
So my dear readers when you are getting everything for free why being health fanatic
Return back to ur roots
Follow d simple daily regimen
N then mk most of d **FREE worthful gifts by Nature.**
Calm out
Reach t ur kids spouses
Ur family & cousins for happiness lies there not in gymnasium sssss. ….&  *”freaky Gadgets”*
Poor us.
God would b certainly smiling on us while he sees his people busy n being health fanatics*for no reasons I m sure…

Article Name
Health Fanatics
If you are a **health fanatic** and gymnasium hitter.its no fun!!


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