A guide for your Weighty Issues

Have been eating out a lot lately? Has that added some extra and unwanted kilos to your beautiful body? Why worry? If you have a strong will power and are determined, it’s going to be a piece of cake for you to shed out the extra weight in a couple of days. Yes, you heard me right. Neither, you need a tip from a well-known nutritionist nor have to starve yourself for this. The required ingredient for this is a get going attitude and half the battle is already won.

All you need is to eat and drink right. There are few excellent detox food items that are easily available and are highly nutritious. So, apply a little common sense and just add them to your diet for a couple of days and see the results for yourself. There are a few tried and tested methods and I’d love to share them with you to ease your burden. You are already stressed with that extra weight. You did not like that your favourite shirt or skirt is not fitting the way it was the last week or the week prior. By the way, we all have had days like these, haven’t we? But let’s not crib about it and work towards it fluently.

The Normal Diet Way

In breakfast, have a small bowl of poha, upma or vermicelli with green tea. For noon snacks, you can have 1-2 digestive biscuits with tea or coffee. Your lunch can remain the way it always has been, however, just increase the amount of salad and reduce the amount of carbs. What I mean is, if you take 2 chapatis then reduce it to 1 and try and avoid rice unless that’s the only option available. The quantity of the vegetable should also be restricted to one bowl. Add curd too to your meal and make things more interesting. Mid-day snacks can be 1-2 digestive biscuits or a small bowl of roasted wheat, oats, bhel etc. depending on your taste buds. Have an early dinner to provide enough rest to your digestive system before sleeping.

Most important thing is to have 1-2 glasses of water after every hour. Of course there should be enough gap between you meal and water intake else it leads to unnecessary water retention. And, say no to sugar for the duration of your diet.So, keep these simple tips in mind and get started.

The Food and Liquid Way

By the name, it sounds difficult, however, believe you me; you will enjoy it, if it’s your first time. And once you try it, you have the secret with you. You can try it as and when you feel your body needs it as we know the demands of our body really well.

Your breakfast should be 1 bowl of sliced apple/papaya/guava. Have a glass of toned milk or tea or coffee after an hour. For lunch, have a medium sized bowl of cucumber, tomato and beetroot, along with a small bowl of low fat curd. If you want, you can sprinkle some sesame, pumpkin or chia seeds on the salad. Time for your mid-day snacks and aren’t you feeling hungry? Have an orange or an apple to make your stomach happy. For dinner, have steamed or boiled vegetable (carrot, beans, broccoli etc.)Don’t forget to sip a cup of green tea atleast an hour before sleeping.

Even in this diet, you need 8-10 glass of water throughout the day. No form of sugar is allowed in the duration of your diet.

Can things be so simple to get rid of that ugly unwanted fat? Yes, as all we need in us is endurance. So, treat yourself with a healthy body and it’ll bless you with a healthy mind.




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