As I lay down on the chair in tranquility, I hold the book lying beside me and immerse myself in the world of fantasy. Within few hours I could jump from beginning to end.
Reading is a journey, a journey with a variety of characters resembling people from our life. It can be of various forms- scanning, skimming, oral etc. It’s important to be well-read to shape our thoughts and minds in a way that they are more productive and contributing to society.

How does reading makes us smarter?

1. Improves our vocabulary
While reading any material one may come across many words which might be alien to him/her. When you look up for those jargons or vernacular texts, you end up comprehending the context better.

2. Enhances communication skill
The more you read, the better you develop speaking skills. Including smarter words and phrases in your speeches or while conversing spellbinds the audience.

3. Boosts memory
According to a research, active reading helps to slow down the decline of brain power which eventually results in more retention of the material you have just skimmed through.

4. Develops analytical skills
When you read something, you go through each and every minute detail, articulate, visualize it and then reach to a conclusion.

5. Prints improves retention and comprehension
Real experience of reading that the physical media provides helps in better retention of the text.

6. Health benefit
The blue light emitted from the electronic media increases alertness and affects your sleeping pattern adversely. Reading from a book circumvents the health hazard.

7. Increases our IQ and EQ
It is an oppurtunity that everyone must seek to go ahead in life and career. Staying updated with the help of news papers and GK books is an effective of increasing your IQ.
Contemplating on fictions might help you to broaden your imagination as well as you learn to empathize with the characters and their situations, which is beneficial in increasing your emotional quotient.

Reading gives us a glimpse of human experience and books are the representation of our personality. Literature needs to be preserved because it is an insight of who we are.
So next time when you read a book, remember you are exercising your brain and feeding it with immense capabilities and most importantly, you are becoming smarter!

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Enjoy the journey of reading!


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