A girl wearing revealing clothes, but not in a decent or stylish way; I walked nervously forward. I was following Tarun, my friend; he said he have experience with such places. And I didn’t remember how I agreed to him to come to such place. Bad Place they say, not for decent or cultured people they say, they call different names for the girls and women here. Indian, Russian, American, Nepali, Pakistani or belonging to any other part of the globe; I guess all of them looked same. All of them were wearing a lot of makeup, and clothes that was insulting the body of those ladies. I don’t know why they were wearing anything that was making them look bad, for what I saw; all of them had beautiful eyes. Eyes that can make you drown in their mystery. Eyes that were addictive and alcoholic, eyes that can quench your thirst and make you feel thirsty at the same time, eyes that were empty and sad, and eager to some something. Eyes that were beautiful, eyes that can make you fall in love with. I guess I’ve never seen such beauty in a single hour.
Tarun asked a girl each for both of us and paid the money, cash; suddenly he had a lot of cash even after demonetization, because last week when I asked him for some, he denied. He went to one room, and I went to other; one hour for both of us. I saw her, she was dresses shabbily, and she’s got those beautiful eyes. I complimented her, ’You’ve beautiful eyes’. ‘Cut the crap’, she replied, ‘Do what you came for and leave’, she added taking off her dupatta which was barely making any difference.
‘Please don’t take off anything else now,’ I said, ‘Tomorrow is my marriage, and as a wedding gift my friend, you know that guy with beard you saw earlier, he fixed this, you know this appointment with you.’
She had a good laugh when I used the word appointment. ‘I don’t understand anything, it’s an arrange marriage. My father fixed the marriage just because the girl’s side people are rich and they are giving a lot in dowry.’ I stopped when I saw her smile, smirk it was I would say.
‘What?’, I asked.
‘Don’t bore me, and just do what you came for, I know your kind of guys. I’ve came across almost every breed of men.’ She said.
‘I’ve already paid the money; all you have to do is just sit and listen.’ I almost shout at her.
‘I always wanted to be a painter, but my father wanted me to be an engineer. I made one, a bad one. He even fixed the marriage; I haven’t even seen the girl yet. I just want to go, run, in the woods, or in Himalayas, see the magic of nature by my eyes and paint the mother earth.’ I spoke the unspoken.
She was laughing as hell now. ‘And I thought that life is different there’, she said. I was puzzled by her reply.
‘Go, your one hour is completed.’ She said, ‘Leave now’, she added.
Today I saw my mother showing all the materials that came from girl’s side; the household things, the jewellery. And then I saw the girl’s father giving cash to my father; and all I could think of Tarun giving money to the whore house owner. Now I understood the meaning of the smirk and laugh of that girl, the way she said and I thought life is different out there.
Prostitutes, call girls, escorts, whore and many more names were given to them. Prostitutes: Take money when they sell themselves. Today they gave me a price, and now I’m not more than a whore.


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