You are no more, they say.
Not with me anymore!
Away from me forever, they meant ?
But what about your presence in me ?
In every bit of my body, you breathe.
Your smell, your touch ,your tenderness,
Is my definition of happiness.

You still kiss my forehead with your vigilant lips,
In my bed you cuddle secretly,
With your chubby hands.

But where did you go Daddy ?
Why did you leave ?
That day,
Your cold body, whitened lips, unbeatable heart ,hurt me.
I howled ,I begged , I cried
But you didn’t come back.
Didn’t this all melt you ?
I wondered, how to keep your body with me,
I picked your Grave’s flower,
Hugged it and it assured me that you’re still not gone.
I kissed you till my eyes managed to look at your beautiful face,Daddy.
Why did you go ?


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