The clothes I wear

The air at the dining table seemed very depressed. Though, I could not figure out the reason for that as we all were meeting after a long time. On the table were everyone’s favorite Rajma Chawal but nobody seemed to be excited. I lost my patience and asked, “What’s wrong with you both?” My husband’s friend, Arpit, was sitting on my left, his wife, Pratiksha, right in front of me. My other half, Sanchit’s, business trip got extended otherwise; he would also have been here. But, we continued with our lunch plan else it would have taken weeks to plan something out again.

Finally, Pratiksha said” What’s wrong with us, what’s wrong with you Neha? You are wearing a Disney print pair of shorts. Have you forgotten that you are not on a holiday with us but at your in-laws place? Thank goodness that your father in law is not home today else he would have felt disrespected and upset looking at you, wearing such clothes. I even heard your maids making your fun when I suddenly came to the kitchen. You are married and should follow a certain norm when it comes to your attire. I always assumed that you were a bright one; you might as well want to dress up to personify that too. “

Feeling miserable, I tried to control my anger .But then the tears could no longer stay in my eyes, ruining my gothic kajal, they started to roll down. For the first time in my life, I spoke my heart out without thinking because, I felt disgraced. With a little shaky voice, thanks to the bitterness that moment filled me with, I said” How in the world clothes speak about the moral values we possess? My dear Pratiksha, I do not care what the maids are talking about; I have better things to do in life. I am married, doesn’t mean that status would rule my wardrobe. Does Sanchit not wear boxers and roam around in the house? Did someone say something like this to him too? No, I can vouch for that because he is a man. For god sake, stop this gender based discrimination despite of being so educated. By the way, I made your favorite rajma Chawal in those shorts; do they taste different? I think they wouldn’t have tasted any better if I made them wearing a salwar kameez. My principles, respect for elders, love for all etc. are absolutely intact .They do not get altered depending on the length or type of my clothes. I feel it’s time for you to progress in life and come out of this stereotype way of thinking”

After a few minutes of drop dead silence, she looked at me in a way as if her jaw just dropped. But then there was a sudden smile on her face. I was confused. I asked her” What happened, did I again do something not appropriate?” To that she said, Oh no, I guess, you are right. Our values, our behavior etc. are not dependent on the outfits we wear. We can’t just perceive about people based on the type of clothes they wear, especially women. I , being a woman have to end this sort of thinking myself . I really appreciate the way you put your thoughts across and helped me modify my conventional approach towards women.

We all finished a bowl of kheer that I had prepared as dessert when Arpit said” I am happy to be connected to a woman like you whose life isn’t governed by the societal pressure. “To that, I thought, hopefully there are more people who understand what Arpit just said and let women be.

Stop judging women based on her clothes!!























































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