The Phone Call

It was a normal day for 25 year old Parth, an RJ at one of the radio stations. A fairly good looking guy with big eyes, Parth had many girls falling for him. However, love, relationship, marriage were the last things in his wish list. He sat on the table sipping a cup of green tea in waiting for the first call of the day for his show.

But wait, today he thought of playing a song from the movie “Ek Duje Ke Liye”, starring “Kamal Hassan” and “Rati Agnihotri” even before his phone started to ring. Everyone around was surprised by this and began to tease him thinking there is some development is his love life. But as expected, he ignored everyone and said that Love and Parth are not meant for each other. And there he recieved his first call of he day.

Caller: Hi RJ

Parth: Hey first Caller of the day, call me Parth.

Caller: Okay, Parth. I am Niyati and I wanted you to please play “Kya Yahi Pyaar hai” from the movie “Rocky”.

Parth: Hey, that’s my favorite song too.

Niyati: Murmured something.

Parth: I am sorry, did you just say something?

Niyati: No, not at all. All I wanted to do was to hear our favorite song together. Have a good day. Hangs up!!

He quickly played the song and while enjoying his favorite song requested by Niyati, Parth somehow appeared confused. As soon as his show came to an end, he called back Niyati and this time he could recognize her voice. He was terrible with names so he could not recollect any memory connected with that name. But there it was, the long lost first love of his life. They both had dated each other for three years in school but things started to dwindle when Niyati moved because of her Father’s transfer.

Delighted to hear each other once again, they just couldn’t stop themselves from meeting. Therefore, in the next 20 minutes, Niyati was at his radio station. Wearing a white shirt neatly tucked into her dark blue denim, she looked as beautiful as she was in school. Parth had butterflies in his stomach. They shook hands, his hands were cold and so were Niyati’s. They looked like teenagers who have fallen in love for the first time.

And, it all started all over again.

Who knew that one phone call would change everything forever, making Parth go head over heels when he didn’t even expect it!!

True love finds its way. Doesn’t it?








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