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"Sh...She said me that she'll be home by 9 in the night. B..but, it has been midnight's 3'o clock, and th..th..there's no sign of...


The Phone Call

The Phone Call

Love at first Poetry

The destiny I crafted

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Review of “Teenage diaries” by Saurabh Sharma

  Teenage diaries is a book much like a roller coaster ride, providing you an enjoyable ride full of all emotions ranging from humor to...

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The Phone Call

The Phone Call

The Phone Call It was a normal day for 25 year old Parth, an RJ at one of the radio stations. A fairly good looking...

Nest Cam IQ is a high-end security camera with some serious brain power

Nest has announced the new Cam IQ indoor security camera that brings a bunch of new features to the table when compared to its...

Is your perception shaping your reality?

Perspiring heavily, legs quivering and body jittering with tremors of anguish rushing with the blood reaching his head. Mark was irrefutable with the thought...

Asus skips robots at this year’s Computex event and flaunts super-thin laptops instead

  Remember Zenbo, the cute humanoid robot that stole the show at Asus’ Computex press conference last year? Zenbo was absent from the stage this...


Story telling is an art, a very few are interested in it – Novoneel...

Heartiest congratulations for your achievements in the literary field. You've given 8 bestselling novels, consecutively. Yes, Thank you. There's already a lot of buzz about your...

‘I sold my car for Tharki,’ says Kunal Marathe, the author of Tharki!

Tharki is an interesting title. What’s the book about? Tharki is the novel that does not fall into a specific genre. It’s a complicated story,...

It’s Good to be a Mediocre

"The bow too tensely strung is easily broken" Exam results are already out and a mixed set of emotions are running across the students. Some...


Utterly Yum dry colocasia (arbi) recipe

Utterly Yum dry colocasia (arbi) recipe Ingredients: 250 grams small sized colocasia (arbi) 2-3 tablespoons oil 2 small tomatoes, finely chopped ½ teaspoon minced garlic ...
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